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“The electric furnace production of cast iron often requires a recarburizing step because the process relies on inexpensive, relatively low carbon scrap as a starting material. High carbon scrap, high carbon ferroalloys or even pig iron are used as sources of carbon but when practice, specifications or economics dictate, specific recarburizers are needed.
So recarburizer can be used in the casting, which can significantly increase the amount of scrap steel and reduce the consumption of pig iron or even doesn’t use pig iron.”


Carbon Products Fix Carbon Sulphur Nitrogen Ash Hydrogen Size
Carbon Products S 99.85 % 0.01 % 0.001 % 0.18% 0.007% 0.5-4
Carbon Products G 99.50 % 0.85 % 0.03% 0.36% 0.19% 0.5-4
PACKING Big-bags / Paper Bags wrapped on Pallets