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Since 1995 AVEKS IC VE DIS TICARET A.S has been a supplier of raw materials for the industrial production and steel.

With this experience in conjunction with our broad spectrum of suppliers AVEKS IC VE DIS TICARET A.S offers a wide range of products including; pig irons, ferro alloys, noble alloys, coke and recarburizers, metals and minerals, a variety of cored wires, abrasives, refractory products and chemicals for iron, steel, nonferrous industries. Thanks to our well-established position in the market and our advantageous relationship with producers around the world, we are continually developing new products and expanding our customer base.

We try to create close relationships with customers to ensure their happiness and satisfaction by offering our products at competitive prices. Both our cost-effective and creative solutions within this market have enabled us to accommodate ourselves to the needs of the even larger growing world market.

We take pride not only in the reliability and quality of our products, but also in the speed in which transactions are made. Our commitment to excellence has helped expand our customer base to cover: Turkey, Europe, North Africa, South America,  India, Far East, CIS and Middle East.

We have successfully undertaken numerous obstacles to minimize or diminish customer hassles by utilizing our organized professional services. Our offices (Istanbul, Beijing, Kolkata, Dammam, Dubai, Cairo, Geneva) around the world, our warehouses in different locations and skilled personnel try to optimize the quality of goods by protecting imported goods against damage, loss and inefficient utilization.

Over the years we have elevated ourselves to become one of the most trusted suppliers of all kind of metallurgical raw materials.

Above all, our primary goal is to help better serve you with your needs.